Another Year for Our Apprentices

Apprentices on site

In today’s dynamic job market, apprenticeships have assumed a pivotal role by seamlessly connecting T-level and degree-level education with the working world. Paving the way for students to embark on a versatile journey toward professional achievement.

Here at Jackson Purdue Lever, our unwavering commitment to nurturing homegrown talent starts with school leavers, encompassing graduates and beyond.

A number of our team members have themselves embarked on apprenticeships, gained valuable experience through summer work, and completed placement years. This solidifies our steadfast belief in the harmonious fusion of education and practical work experience, forging well-rounded Technicians and Engineers.

A number of our team are all at different stages of their apprenticeship journey. This ranges from final year Degree students to team members beginning their civil engineer journey at College.


Here at Jackson Purdue Lever we pride ourselves on our close relationship with the local colleges and we annually assist with providing T-Level students with interview and work experience to prepare them for the world of work.

We believe that T-levels provide students with valuable skills and knowledge tailored to the needs of employers.


Apprenticeships open doors for students to acquire valuable, hands-on experience while pursuing their education. We are proud to be assisting team members through Univeristy to further their learning and development. This also enabling apprentices to cultivate industry-specific expertise and establish a robust professional network.

For Graduates they can use apprenticeships to gain practical experience and enhance their employability in an increasingly competitive job market.

Hear what some of our Apprentices think!

Oliver Johnson our 4th Year BEng Civil Engineering Student (University of Derby)

“I had always been interested in taking the apprenticeship route post A-Levels. The opportunity to learn whilst working hands-on in the industry was a huge attraction and has proven to be greatly beneficial. I am looking forward to seeing where the future may take me as I complete my apprenticeship with Jackson Purdue Lever!”

Ryan Pickard – 1st Year BTEC Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering (Derby College)

“I have always been interested in Civil engineering and when I found out Jackson Purdue Lever offered and apprenticeship I knew I needed to contact them. The route allowed me to get experience in a professional working environment meaning that I get to see what the working world whilst still gaining by qualifications.”

We are excited to be on the look out for our next intake of Apprenticeships and T-Level Students.

You can find additional details about these positions on our Careers page.

We welcome those who are curious about the roles listed below to get in touch.

If you’re ready to apply, please send us your CV along with a brief introductory email to We look forward to hearing from you!

  • T-Level Work Experience
  • College level Apprenticeship in Civil Engineering/ Technician
  • Degree Level Apprenticeship in Structural/ Civil Engineering