Our 2024 Graduate Scheme is open!

2024 Graduate Training Scheme - Jackson Purdue Lever, Consulting Engineers

Our Graduate Training Scheme is designed to provide you, as a recent graduate, with a structured and comprehensive pathway to achieving Chartered status with either the Institution of Civil Engineers (ICE) or the Institution of Structural Engineers (IStructE).

Our program offers you a unique opportunity to gain invaluable experience, develop essential skills, and work alongside experienced professionals in the field of consulting engineering.

Your Graduate Training Scheme with Jackson Purdue Lever

What we will do for you

Our Graduate Training Scheme spans a duration of typically 4 years, during which time you will undergo a well-defined and progressive training process with regular reviews.

The key components of the program include:

Induction and Orientation: Upon joining, you will participate in an induction program that introduces you to our company, our culture and our values. You will be assigned a mentor and liaise regularly with both your mentor and team leader to ensure you are guided throughout the training process.

On-the-Job Training: You will work on a variety of projects under the supervision of experienced engineers. This hands-on experience will allow you to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world situations and gain practical insights into the profession. You will be exposed to numerous different software packages including AutoDesk, Tekla and Causeway products with both on-the-job and formal training available.

Educational Assistance: During your time on our Graduate Training Scheme, you will have access to a broad range of training resources and courses that complement your on-the-job training. This will widen your knowledge base and ensuring your proficiency with our design software.

Professional Development: Regular peer to peer appraisals, mentoring meetings with a representative from the ICE, and seminars will be provided to enhance your technical skills, project management abilities, and understanding of industry regulations and standards.

Mentorship: Your mentor, with your team leader, will provide guidance, monitor your progress, and assist in setting and achieving professional development goals. They will also help you document your experience for professional membership applications.

Chartered Application Preparation: We will support you in preparing and submitting your chartered membership applications to ICE or IStructE. This includes assembling the necessary evidence and ensuring your competence aligns with their requirements for the Professional Review and preparation for the IStructE exam if required.


To be eligible for our Graduate Training Scheme, you should typically have:

  • Achieved a 2:1 or above bachelor’s degree in Civil or Structural Engineering.
  • A strong commitment to pursuing Chartered status with ICE or IStructE.
  • A passion for problem-solving and a keen interest in the field of civil and structural engineering.
  • Excellent communication skills and the ability to work collaboratively in a team.
  • An excellent team player

Joining our Graduate Training Scheme is your gateway to a fulfilling career in civil and structural engineering. We are committed to nurturing your talent, providing the necessary resources, and guiding you on the path to becoming a Chartered engineer with ICE or IStructE. If you are eager to embark on this rewarding journey, we encourage you to apply and take the first step towards a successful and fulfilling career in engineering.

Interested? Please email careers@jacksonpl.co.uk

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