Progression at Nightingale Quarter

Nightingale Quarter, Derby - new homes

The Nightingale Quarter E Blocks form the frontage to one of Derby’s premier residential developments. The development is on the former Derby Royal Infirmary site.  They sympathetically accompany the “Pepper Pot” buildings along London Road, sheltering further low rise residential structures in the heart of the development.

The E Blocks range from four to seven stories, getting progressively larger towards the heart of Derby. Working closely with Wavensmere Homes (Developers), Gould Singletons (Architects) and Lamb Construction (Contractors) Jackson Purdue Lever are able to establish the most efficient structural solutions for each block.

The design team discussions and design have involved a mixture of load bearing masonry for the lower rise structures and steel frames for the taller structures—where the light weight steel provides programme and material savings.

The project has also involved careful consideration of external levels and drainage, with the levels carefully landscaped on this sloping site to minimise harsh retaining features and provide a comfortable cycle path and pedestrian routes through the development.

The final phase has now been released! To find out more about the development please check out Wavensmere Homes website – . You can also email us at and one of the team will get back to you!

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