Alzheimer’s Society has been selected for our 2023/24 Charity of the Year!

Alzheimer’s Society

We are thrilled to announce that Jackson Purdue Lever will be supporting the Alzheimer’s Society.

Our Charity Committee, made up of many of our valued employees, are working hard with their fund-raising plans in the hope that we can raise £2,000 over the next 12 months for the Charity.

The Alzheimer’s Society is close to many hearts here at Jackson Purdue Lever. Unfortunately, we know all too well the effects that it has on people. This is why we want to help by fundraising for the charity and hope that in some way we can help them improve the lives of people living with dementia, as well as raising money to fund further research into finding the best ways to get early diagnosis, innovate care and develop targeted treatments.

About Alzheimer’s Society

At Alzheimer’s Society they are working towards a world where dementia no longer devastates lives. They do this by giving help to those living with dementia today, and providing hope for the future.

As a Society, they are made up of people with dementia, carers, trusted experts, campaigners, researchers and clinicians. They are the UK’s largest collective force of people with unparalleled knowledge and over 40 years of experience addressing the biggest challenges facing people living with dementia.

Why do they need our help?

  • Dementia is the biggest health and social challenge of our time.
  • currently estimated to be 900,000 people in the UK with dementia.
  • Many are undiagnosed and facing the realities of their condition alone.

With our help they can give vital support to those who need it most, hold decision-makers to account, and fund groundbreaking research to transform the future for everyone living with dementia. 

Interested in finding our more or how you can help?

Our fundraising campaign

We hope you will join in supporting our fund-raising events. Our fundraising campaign is kicking off with a 10k Tough Mudder on the 25th June at Belvoir Castle.

We also have activites such as bike rides and bake sales in the pipeline too!

Should you with to donate please see our JustGiving Page below.