Providing Civil Engineering Services at Flagshaw Pastures

Our experienced civil engineers and structural engineers have been actively involved in Pevril Homes’ Flagshaw Pastures development in Kirk Langley, Ashbourne. We are pleased offer a variety of our excellent services to ensure the success of this impressive new build homes project.

Pevril Homes’ Flagshaw Pastures showcases a range of stunning three, four, and five-bedroom houses, along with three-bedroom bungalows in a courtyard setting. The development in Derbyshire combines traditional construction techniques with contemporary finishes, creating homes that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical for homeowners.

Some of the house types you can find at Flagshaw Pastures…

Our services through the Phases

We are proud to offer comprehensive civil engineering and structural services for the third phase of the development project.

Our services encompass various aspects of engineering such as:-

  • Facilitating the S38 road adoptions agreement with Derbyshire County Council
  • Assisting with the S104 drainage adoption agreement with Severn Trent Waters.
  • During the planning stage of all phases, our experienced civil engineering team conducted flood risk assessments and devised drainage strategies.
  • We have also been privileged to provide our civil engineering services for phases 1 and 2 of the project.

Phase 3 is underway!

Are you interested in buying a home at Flagshaw Pastures? Phase 3 is for sale now!

Image showcasing the Flagshaw pastures current phase

Here at Jackson Purdue Lever are committed to delivering exceptional civil engineering and structural services to all of clients. We look forward to future work in the residential section and maintaining our close client relationships.

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