Completion of the Kindergarten Classroom Block at Derby High School!

Kindergarten Classroom Block at Derby High School, Geo-environmental Services were employed at this site

Working with B&K Building Services and Pick Everards Architects, Jackson Purdue Lever have been delighted to be providers of the Civil & Structural and Geo-environmental services for the construction of the new Kindergarten Classroom block at Derby High School.

Pleased to have provided the Civil & Structural and Geo-environmental services

The new Kindergarten Classroom block was designed to replace the existing dilapidated and unsuitable converted house which was on the same site.

The new block was designed to fit between existing buildings and was heavily constrained by site levels, existing drainage features, numerous onsite services and a tree protection order.

Jackson Purdue Lever have designed a new steel framed structure with a beam and block floor at ground level and composite floors at first floor. Traditional foundations were used, however these were complicated by a 4.0m level difference across the site. Accordingly detailed plateaus were designed to work with the natural bearing strata and the proposed build sequencing.

The curved nature of the building required detailed coordination with the architect and subcontractor to achieve the required architectural finish.

Engineering Services we provided

  • PhI and PhII Ground Investigations
  • Detailed Structural Design of Foundations and ground floor
  • Design and detailing of steel elements frame and secondary steelwork
  • Masonry walls including detailing of ties and movement joints.
  • Design and detailing of new onsite private foul and storm drainage
  • Earthworks specification including the re-use of site materials to form building and external works formations.
  • Construction specification to car parks, paving and servicing areas.
  • Coordination of levels to reflect site constrains and tree root protection zones

Contact us to learn more about this project or the engineering services provided to make it a success, we would be delighted to hear from you.