Ceremony has taken place to mark the opening Fradley Park Primary School!

In early January 2023 Fradley Park Primary School in Lichfield, Staffordshire, celebrated the official opening of the £4.8m free school! The first school in over 40 years to be built in the area.

Jackson Purdue Lever have been delighted to provide value engineering services to G F Tomlinson and their client Entrust. We assisted with bringing the scheme back on budget and helped deliver this new two storey steel framed school to the local community.

Want to know about the engineering and design? Read on…

The structural frame of the school comprised a steel frame with precast planks at first floor. The precast planks provided a clean, clutter free service void for M&E services below first floor and reduced the tonnage of the steel frame.

The large glazed areas of the sports hall were kept free of bracing elements to maintain the uninterrupted views the client requested.

We worked with closely design team to ensure the building was also future proofed and made allowances in the design of the frame and footings. This is assist in making it simplar for future expansion of the school.

All structural modelling was undertaken to BIM level 2. This allowed detailed co-ordination and clash checks with the design team to ensure smooth design and delivery of the scheme.

External levels were contoured and modelled in 3D to optimise earthworks operations to reduce the environmental impact of the build and reduce cost. Detailed external levels modelling provided further benefits to drainage storage volumes allowing reduction in tank sizes.

During the build we took some impressive photos of the building being constructed

For more details about the ceremony and opening of Fradley Park Primary School please click on the link below

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