Successful relocation of the Derby College Ilkeston Campus

Engineering services to refurbishment

Derby College took the exciting decision to sell its Field Road Campus and relocate to the former Magistrates Court, Ilkeston. This was all part of a strategic plan to improve learning outcomes for 16-19 year olds’ in Ilkeston.

An exciting redevelopment Project!

The redevelopment of the former Magistrates Court in the town centre has created a new learning facility of 45,000 sqf with a project value of £7.35m and Jackson Purdue Lever were thrilled to be a part of this!

Supporting Clients through Planning Applications

The move also required us to initially support the college and their developer partner to make concurrent planning application for both sites including Transport Assessments, Flood Risk and Geo-environmental (phase 1 & 2) assessments.

The latter identified former shallow mine workings (including a mine shaft) under the building footprint which required us to instigate and supervise a programme of drilling and grout injection stabilisation works.

Due to the site constraint it was necessary for the 3-storey steel framed building to have an extensive basement area. Furthermore the proximity of the building to the adjacent highway required the installation of contiguous piled wall to the basement.

In addition other elevations required R.C. propped retaining walls ted back into the steel frame to ensure cost efficiency.

Former Magistrates Court Refurbishment for Derby College.

Engineering Services we Provided

The successful project required us to undertake a variety of services:

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